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Advertising in this Changed World

Things have changed and there isn’t a sense yet on when things will be back to Pre-Covid ways of doing things… if they do at all.

So what do you do to get your promotional message out?

Well- first you need to acknowledge that you still need to advertise. In fact an argument can be made for increasing your Brand’s awareness as there are less players on the field to dilute your message’s impact.

Custom promotional products are one of the top ways of connecting with your current and potential customers. But due to the COVID “shift” the vectors on how to get it in their hands has changed for a lot of the business world.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Think small and direct.

We have many inexpensive budget-friendly items that you can send with your next invoice, drop off or pack-in. See our many custom seed productsmicrofibre cloths (most printed in vibrant full colour) or custom labelled lip balms. We even have a really cool cleaning product called Kliin (a reusable and compostable towel) that looks super sharp with all logos and keeps your message in front of people a good amount of time!

2) Use our “DROP BOX” service.

We have a number of suppliers that understand that people aren’t as centralized as they used to be and you need to disburse to your audience’s HOME. Basically this service allows for a selection of products to be selected, custom printed, individual kitted and drop shipped to individual/ residential locations. Talk to one of your My Next Promo Customer Service Reps for more info.

3) Think “Universal” Appeal

Everybody drinks, carries things and needs to stay warm (or cool depending on the time of year). These are just 3 examples of a marketing avenue that will provide optimum interaction. Last winter custom decorated blankets were SUPER popular, so much so that it was tough getting stock anywhere in the industry. Those are mostly replenished now and we have a great selection of blankets here.