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Government Program Custom Promo Products

This is a 3-minute read for ideas and suggestions pertaining to promo products use for various Canadian government agencies.
Government agencies of all sizes have discovered the benefits of using promotional products as part of their marketing strategy. By ordering from a Canadian source, you can ensure that your promotional products are Canadian sourced and most importantly, ship to you from within Canada whenever possible. Read on to find out more about promotional swag items for office itemsdrinkwarewriting instruments and totes (among many others).  They will help communicate your message!
Swag & Merchandise
Get creative with your swag bag! Whether it’s branded t-shirts or water bottles with your organization logo on them; fun toys and stress relievers; or even umbrellas and cinch bags—there are so many great options available to you when it comes to choosing the right swag for your agency. It’s an excellent way to get people talking about your message in a memorable way. 
Customized Items
If you’re looking for something unique to give away at an awareness event or trade show—customized items may be just what you need. You can choose from a wide range of products such as safety items, keychains and lanyardsflash drives preloaded with your info; and much more! These items are sure to set you apart from all of the “noise” out there… while also providing value to those who receive them. 
Office Items
Organize meetings with office supplies like notepads and notebookssticky notesrulersjournals and more. These practical items come in handy both at home and in the office—and they’re sure to be appreciated by anyone who uses them. Plus they look great when printed with your messaging
Keep drinks cool while people show their support for your organization with custom drinkware like tumblers and bottles. They come in a variety of materials such as glassware, stainless steelplastic and ceramic—so there is something for everyone!
Writing Instruments
Writing instruments like pens are some of the most popular promotional products out there—and for good reason too! They provide plenty of exposure for your event or message without breaking the bank. Choose from a selection of pens such as gel pensballpoint penshighlighters etc., all decorated to make your message clear.
Promotional products offer an effective way to promote awareness With so many different options out there it can be hard knowing where to start but we can certainly help navigate your way through. So why wait? Start broadcasting your message by ordering some amazing promotional products today!
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Using Promo Products to Support Native Organizations

Across the country, there are many Indigenous organizations that dedicate their time and resources to helping their community members. Whether it’s through providing education and training, offering support services, or advocating for Indigenous rights and sovereignty, these organizations play an important role. They are key in preserving a culture and identity that has been around for centuries. One way these organizations can promote their mission is by using promotional products for events and community messaging. 
What Are Promotional Products? 
Promotional products are items used by businesses to spread awareness of their brand or message. They are often given away at events or as part of promotional campaigns. Examples include t-shirtshatsmugspenskeychainsstickers — basically anything that has a logo or message on it! Promotional products can be extremely effective marketing tools if used correctly. They create visibility for your organization while also providing potential customers with something tangible that they can keep and use. 
Here are just a few suggestions for messaging and/ or events:
How Can They Help Native Organizations? 
Native organizations in Canada can benefit from using promo products because they help spread the word about the organization’s mission and goals. For example, giving out t-shirts with the organization’s logo at a powwow is a great way to increase visibility among those attending the event. It also helps build a sense of pride among members of the community who may not have known about the organization before. Additionally, ‘swag’ can be used to raise funds – selling items like hats or mugs with the organization’s logo printed on them is a great way to raise money without asking people for donations directly! 
My Next Promo has built relationships with many native groups in its 25+ years in business. Using our products can be an effective way for Native organizations to promote their mission and identity while raising funds for their cause. People love freebies – especially ones that have been customized specifically for them. This is an excellent opportunity for Indigenous groups across Canada to make their presence known in both their local communities as well as further abroad! Not only will this help spread awareness but it also shows how proud you are of your heritage and culture – which is something we should all strive towards!
We are here to help should your organization want to talk.
Indigenous native promo products