Corporate Solutions

My Next Promo has been working with top North American businesses to message their Brand successfully since 1997. 

MNP has the experience and buying volume to make even the tightest budgets work. We can offer suggestions on products and sources so as to get you the quickest, least expensive and/or impactful solution.

Talk with us about:

• Volume discounts that have either multiple-product components or higher then listed quantities.

• PROGRAMS wherein we determine an approximate total quantity for a campaign and arrange smaller portioned disbursements. This will allow for a lower cost per unit though the term of the project.

• Drop shipping to multiple locations. Need to get your custom products to multiple different sites, events or to individuals working remotely? We have options!

• Copy changes for different divisions, campaigns or languages.

• Localized pick-ups to minimize shipping. Have a driver in the area where the products are being produced? In many instances a pick-up can be arranged.

Below is a partial history of companies with whom we have collaborated:


We work with ‘Mom & Pops’ as well… contact us for friendly, knowledgeable service!   🙂