Hot Product ALERT- Metal Enamel Mugs

Before promotional products went sideways due to COVID we had a standout product on our hands. It’s simply great in its near universal appeal: Enamel Finish Metal Mugs!

You can find our colourful variety of custom printed metal enamel mugs here! Add your company logo and pick your colours. 

Everybody drinks- so that right away makes for the appeal. Then these are nearly indestructible… meaning the longevity is super high! Your message and Branding may pass through generations of hands. Kind of a cool legacy- no?

Great for camping and outdoor related activities. This mug gets his hooks right into the cozy nostalgia that everyone is into these days.

Perhaps our favourite are the Porter Metal Enamel Mugs… 4 great colours with a nice clear chrome lip edge to dress it up.

If your logo is multi-colour we even have the “Holy Grail” Metal Enamel Mug as it offers a full colour imprint as standard!

Four metal enamel mugs by Porter. Colours black, blue, red and white