It’s so borrrring…. but boy does it work! (and inexpensively at that)

People ask us: “What is the best bang-for -the-buck” in our promotional product offerings. Without a doubt one of our best options is a simple piece of stacked paper that we short form to calling an “Ad Pad”.


See a wide variety of our custom printed adhesive note pads here.


Why do we love them so much? Well- let’s take our best selling 4″w x 3″/ 25 sheet pad seen here.  At an order of 500 pcs an order its right around $250 (plus tax and shipping). The math on that is that each sheet is only $0.02 ea (with the whole pad costing less then $0.50 ea.)! 


The longevity of these type of products are great as these printed note pads stick around on office desks and in people’s homes. Then they give their message with YOUR message and that has the potential to dramatically increase the range of your marketing.


Equally as good, these are printed in FULL COLOUR, so  you can show a product, a place, a colourful logo or your happy smiling face if you’d like … without any additional costs!


We get it- your first reaction may be “that’s boring” but in fact and in practice it is hard to beat for those with tight budgets or not!



Custom printed Adhesive Note Pads