About My Next Promo (MNP)

My Next Promo was started in 1997 and has grown to be one of Canada’s largest independent promotional products companies. Our web site offers a huge selection of promo items from quality manufacturers and suppliers. Since we need to sleep every other night the selection on our web site is more limited to our best sellers, core products and newest products but we literally have access to over 500,000 items.

This is one of the key factors in why our customers come (and stay) with us: although we have access to a crazy amount of product we distill it down to give you our top tier products and eliminate the redundancies you find on other industry sites. Our selections are chosen based on the quality of the product, the competency of its supplier and its value.

We need you to know that we are a true Canadian company (located in Elora, ON) and offer as much Canadian supplied product as possible. If we do need to get a product from outside Canada then all of the duty/ brokerage (aka “border mystery charges”) and dollar conversion charges all figured into the price you see on our web site.

There are a number of big players in this industry that masquerade as Canadian companies by putting a ‘.ca’ in their web address or have a section in their web site for Canucks. Unfortunately customers sometimes aren’t apprised of the fact that the majority of their products ship out of the US (sometimes on the opposite end of the continent) and do not include all those nice fees for crossing the border or making the longer trip. All of a sudden that slightly lower unit price isn’t looking as attractive any more. You’d be surprise how many ‘once bitten, twice shy’ customers we get and keep due to these issues.

It comes down to this: You are Canadian so buy your promotional products from a Canadian company. Save the hassles (and have the bonus of working with our friendly staff).

Who are our customers?

Some names you may recognize would include: My Next Promo (MNP) is one of Canada’s largest independent promotional products web resource; pricing is in Canadian Dollars and Canadian products are used as much as possible. MNP offers thousands of products customized to advertise your logo or message. Our history includes projects with Twitter, Telus, Draeger Medical, Hoya Vision Care, L’Oreal, The Hudson’s Bay Company, Electronic Arts, CFL, Humane Society of Canada, The Ford Motor Company, Pitney Bowes, Dreamworks Home Entertainment, Sunlife Financial, Research In Motion, M&M Meatshops, Pillsbury, The Gap/ Old Navy, MacDonalds, Scotia Bank, Solo Mobility (Bell), Canadian Space Agency, Expedia, Microsoft, Esso/ Imperial, hundreds of higher learning facilities and thousands of other companies across North America.

Why you want to work with us.

Our business model revolves around our easy to use web site and our proud to have partnered with great suppliers. Throughout our years in business we continue to enjoy adding new customers who value our friendliness, quickness and insight. Check our testimonials to see how good dealing with My Next Promo will be.

My Next Promo – Canadian company, Canadian pricing, Canadian Proud. We are your best source for promotional products.