Guide To Personalization, Policies, Services & Fees

Above All

We specialize in customization. Due to the variety of good offered there may be multiple decoration methods and locations available for a product. Shoehorning possible options into a web site structure needs streamlining to a certain extent. If you see a product or decoration method that doesn’t quite work for you > call us. We will tell you if there are expanded limitations, workarounds or similar product that will work.

Decoration Methods

All items include a 1 colour imprinting in 1 location *unless otherwise specified*. If noted differently the default or optional decoration method may be a full colour print, debossing, laser etching or embroidery.  Multi-colour imprints or extra location imprints may be available for an extra cost. All 1 colour printing is line and fill only (gradients and half-tones are not allowed due to print limitations).

Please see specific details listed for each item. If you have a more elaborate request please contact us directly.

4 Colour Process/ Full Colour Printing

Files supplied for 4 colour process imprinted products must be comprised of the following: 

a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch at 100% imprint size, tints can range between 0% and 100% and be comprised of multiple colours, trapping is not applicable, and the file must be supplied in CMYK format. 

The use of straight border close to the edge of a 4 colour process product is not recommended. Please be advised that due to fluctuations in the transfer material, substrate and ambient temperature, there will be a 3%-6% variation in colour when producing 4 colour process jobs.

Non-imprinted Products

Most products are available non-imprinted (blank) for less than the listed quantity pricing. Please call for pricing and timing.

Colour Matching

PMS colour matching is available for specific products. A mixing charge may apply. We cannot guarantee matching on coloured surfaces (ie. non-white). Some imprint inks for particular products are not completely opaque and may be effected by the underlying body colour (and therefore change the hue of the imprint colour).

Ink, Copy and Product colour change

For ink changes within an order a charge may occur based on supplier’s specifications.

For copy changes within an order a charge may occur based on supplier’s specifications.

Product colour changes within an order a charge may occur based on supplier’s specifications. In most cases the minimum amount per colour is half the minimum quantity.

Speculative Samples/ Production Proofs

Custom imprinted samples of a product considering being ordered will have costs incurred and they will be charged prior to processing of the sample. Supplier specifies cost and differ between products. You will be advised of costs prior to production of this type of sample. My Next Promo will rebate back 50% of these charges if an order is placed without any changes. Further changes required after the original sample will have additional costs.

Sending your art- file format guide

NOTE: Files other than .AI or .EPS vector files may need to be redrawn. Vector files are a staple of designers and are how printers decorate products. My Next Promo offers 15 minutes of art preparation as a free service. More detailed, complicated or low resolution art may require a modest charge (we will advise you before redrawing).

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR *VECTOR* files (.ai or .eps)

PREFERRED. Please make sure to convert all fonts to outlines (curves). NOTE: Bitmap (picture) files placed into a vector file are not acceptable as final artwork and will require a redraw. PDF files *may* be editable vector files > if you don’t have .AI or .EPS a PDF is the next best option. 


ACCEPTED for 1 colour artwork only. The resolution should be at least 600 dpi with the size of the image at least 100% the final imprint size. Multi-colour artwork will be accepted but will need to be redrawn.

TIFF (.tif)

ACCEPTED for 1 colour artwork only. The resolution is at least 600 dpi with the size of the image at least 100% the final imprint size. Multi SPOT colour artwork will be accepted but a small art charge for separating the imprint colours will be applied.

WORD (.doc)

This format is inferior to .AI and .EPS files and may result in an inferior print. We will have to redraw this format.


This format is inferior to .AI and .EPS files and may result in an inferior print. We will have to redraw this format.


All other formats are not accepted. You may find that the programs not listed above may allow for conversion to a preferred/accepted format using commands like “EXPORT” or “SAVE AS/ FILE TYPE”

Detailed artwork may need to be reworked to best accomodate print specifications.



If unsure of the features or quality of products intending to be ordered it is the customer’s responsibility to order a sample of the product in question.

Sample Ordering

MNP offers 2 free samples per order with a maximum value of $15 for corporate accounts. (Costing is based on minimum quantity pricing.)

We will also ship these to you for free via courier ground. Extra samples, samples of higher value or express shipping needs will require payment (a MNP Rep will contact you under these situations).

A brief explanation of this policy: MNP gets lots of sample requests. Unfortunately, a different policy could leave the door open to non-serious parties using MNP for a free shopping spree. We try to keep our pricing as low as possible and as you can understand excessive sampling would detract from our bottom line.

My Next Promo will make every attempt to provide the colour, quantity and size you request but it is not guaranteed due to sample product availability.

SAMPLES ORDERED UNDER THIS SITUATION ARE RANDOMLY IMPRINTED. If you need to see a specific product with your specific message it is considered a PRODUCTION PROOF or SPECULATION SAMPLE (for which there is a charge please call MNP for more info).

Online Pricing

My Next Promo offers products from hundreds of suppliers. Each of those suppliers have their own timetable as to when their product and pricing is refreshed. Although we try our best to stay on top of changes it simply is not instantaneous. The pricing and availability on MNP’s site is to be used as a guide only. When ordering MNP will provide you with a final quote noting all up-to-date costs. The goods news is that the product pricing does not always go up year to year and sometimes drops.

Lack of Communication Response from My Next Promo

If you have sent an email to MNP and have not received a response please contact us via another method. Occasionally internet failures occur for which MNP has no responsibility and therefore no knowledge at your communication attempt. If you don’t hear from us within 24 hrs please reach out in a different manner.

Final Quotes

Once product/order specifics are determined MNP emails a final quote to the customer. At that time it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure everything noted on the quote is correct. The customer knows their needs more intimately than MNP. We are also processing dozens of orders within the same period. Once authorized with signature and/or purchase order My Next Promo is released from all responsibility towards the accuracy of the customer approved information.

Artwork Proofs

All imprint designs are proofed via email before the imprinting of your order begins. The proof shows a defined imprint area (dotted line). Whatever is inside that is what will print- nothing more, nothing less. In most situations we also provide a mock-up of your art on the product being ordered (approximated). It is the customer’s responsibility to notify in writing on the proof if there are issues/ changes needed. When the customer authorizes the document (with signature) it releases My Next Promo from all responsibility. *Take your proof seriously.*

Retention of Artwork

My Next Promo keeps your artwork for 2 years. We may have it on file longer than that but it is not guaranteed.

Product Proofs

If you need to have the product imprinted with your message in order to evaluate before ordering you may do so as an option. Cost involved are that of the product, setup, taxes, shipping and specific ‘one-off’ charges.


We guarantee that your order will be received from defects or damage and personalized as requested and approved, or we will replace the effected pieces of the order or issue you a refund on the effected product. Most suppliers do not replace a small portion of inferior product due to production limitations> in this case a credit is issued. Please notify My Next Promo and courier person immediately if it appears your order has been damaged during shipping. MNP will guarantee all products for a minimum of 15 days with extensions of guarantee dependent on the item in question.

Cancellation of Order

lAfter approval of your formal quote and art proof cancellation of your order may have charges related to costs already incurred in the processing of your order. In the event of cancellation at this time we will halt all forward movement as quickly as possible and advise you of pending costs. Once imprinted, 100% of total costs is nonrefundable. All cancellations must be in writing with time and date noted. The order is not considered canceled until authorized/ acknowledged by My Next Promo in writing.

Backordered Product(s)

All products are subject to availability. If a product is backordered MNP will make you aware ASAP and offer alternatives. If multiple products are order those available will ship and you will be billed accordingly. A customer cannot cancel an entire order (of other products) if only a portion is backorder.

Over/Under Requested Quantities

+/- 5% is considered a complete order a complete order unless otherwise notified. This is due to quality control and production policies at the imprinting level. This is an industry standard. If you need a specific amount for your project it is advised that you order 5% more product so to cover a possible -5% possibility. If overages are not acceptable this must be made known to MNP at time of ordering. In this event, there may be a charge for the specific quantities need. This is noted on our Terms & Conditions page sent with every formal quote that needs to approved ahead of order processing. If you have concerns or questions about this policy it is to be noted before formal approval and not after invoicing (as you will have already approved this Term).

Shipping Costs

Estimated shipping costs (if applicable) will be noted on all formal quotes. Shipping is based on the supplier/ manufacturer’s shipping point to the customer’s defined destination. If product is arranged to be picked up at My Next Promo the customer will still need to pay shipping from supplier to MNP. Some products are available to be picked up should you be local to the supplier (this is noted by product on the site).

Return of Goods

My Next Promo believes in 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to produce a risk free environment for our customers to purchase our product. If you are not completely satisfied with your products please contact our customer service department with your concerns within 1 week of receipt of goods. We will work with you to solve the problem.

Please note that My Next Promo will not accept return of goods unless the customer has been given a Return Authorization Number.

Refusal of Product

Refusal of products at time of delivery will result in a charge to your account. Please contact My Next Promo with information on the product in question and we’ll advise you how to proceed. If product is damaged due to courier immediately inform the courier agent of noticed damage, take note of all damaged product and contact MNP ASAP.

Failed Attempt at Delivery

MNP uses only recognized couriers. If delivery can not take place after a reasonable attempt the product will be returned to the courier distribution point and will await further instruction. If the product can not be delivered for a period of time the product will automatically return to the supplier. It is the customer’s responsibility to give all necessary information *at time of order processing* in order to facilitate a successful delivery. It is not MNP’s nor the courier’s responsibility if an attempt at delivery is made without success and it effects your required in hand-date. Delivery attempts after initial attempt will have extra costs charged by the courier.