Buying Promotional Products from a Canadian source

One of the byproducts of COVID has turned out to be companies and individuals looking at their supply chains and where things are sourced. One need to look no further than Suez Canal being block and hundreds of ships waylaid for days. Or vaccine shortages due to lack of domestic manufacturing. This occurances remind us, when we can, Canadians are best buying promotional products from a Canadian source.

There is also a heightened sense of Regionalism wherein people are trying to buy as regionally as possible. Things take time to change at this world-wide level but in the short-term there are ways to get part or most of the way there.

What can we do?

  1. Buy Canadian manufactured products: We have numerous suppliers and manufacturers that we deal with that are home-grown right in Canada. Many of Made in Canada products can be found here. Many of our promotional magnets, notepads and other paper related items have many options for being Canadian manufactured.
  2. Buy Canadian warehoused products: My Next Promo works with some great promo suppliers that call Toronto or Montreal their hometown. Bringing in the type of products that aren’t currently made domestically. Most of our drinkware, tote bags and pens are all examples of this where they are stocked and printed in Canada.
  3. One of the most unique features on our site is that most products show you where the promotional product ships from. Beyond that we take it to another level by noting if there is a local pick-up option! If you are local to this you could go pick up your new promos and save any related shipping costs!
  4. Even if the product isn’t a manufacturer in Canada OR warehoused here we have a handful of fantastic suppliers who print south of the border. They then have trucks coming up daily to a Canadian distribution point. The big advantage of this is that there are no “mystery charges” for that border crossing and all of that is built into the price (you would just pay the shipping cost from the Canadian distribution point).

We hear it often by customers who are tantalized by a low unit price on a USA based supplier site only to find the “hidden” costs overwhelm the final total. Just the other day we talked with a customer who was upset that they ordered a coffee mug recently from a US source that was a great price… but it shipped from Arizona (so the cost of shipping breakable ceramics was high), plus they got dinged at the border for importation charges… not to mention the US to Canadian Dollar conversion.

It comes down to this: You are Canadian… buying promotional products from a Canadian source goes a long way. We have been helping “Mom and Pop Shops” all the way up to the top corporate companies in Canada since 1997. My Next Promo hand-picks every promotional product you will find on this site for value and price it competitively. Perhaps most importantly- we make it EASY and FRIENDLY.