Canadians! Free Ground Shipping on Select Promotional Items

Canada is super big- duh. So we’re offering free ground shipping to make orders more affordable.

Shipping to an address something just down the street in Toronto versus Victoria, BC can see a world of difference when it comes to quoting for shipping. Then, when you factor in the variety of promotional product we offer. From light but bulky promo foam items to heavy/ breakable ceramic mugs to lightweight custom tattoos. The difference becomes even more pronounced.

BUT, for a limited time, we are experimenting and working with specific partners on specific products to upset the paradigm and offer something truly new and refreshing. FREE GROUND SHIPPING on select promo items to most major centres across all provinces in Canada. (The caveat is that territories and remote areas will be discounted.)

Right now, right here, you can find well over 200 products that we have designated as part of this awesome program. We are adding more all the time as well!

It covers heavy hitters like our promotional bags, writing instruments, even select drinkware!!

And the BIG FINISH?: All of these items are currently ON SALE as well! See them now…

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